TOP 50 amazing new tricks and science experiments from Mr. Hacker

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Hi, guys! In this video you will see best science and magic tricks and experiments from Mr. Hacker.
You will see water, glass bottles, plastic bottles, coins, bubbles and balance tricks and experiments.
Have a nice view!
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  • For the first one should we use hot water

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  • the reason only water works is because the water creates a pocket of air then forces it down breaking the bottle but with air full things (soda) it has a place for the air in it.

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  • Imagine the giant boomerang from legend of Zelda breath of the wild

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  • Amazing video..... Science is really fun when you learn understand and do experiment with this

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  • These are all simple physics but dangerous

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  • The water and bottles and a hammer. What happens is that when you hit the bottle the water moves up because of inertia. This creates a teeny tiny vacuum at the bottom of the glass. This sucks down the water which bursts the glass open. If it's fizzy, the gas will occupy the space

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  • 34:34 this is the best hack, because it’s a complex execution with a very cool scientific/physical effect.. han hurricane in your hand with a fire end... wow ⚛️🌪🔥✨

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