How to Make a Floating Fountain

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Hello from Mr. Hacker & Team!
Magic Faucet Foating Fountain!
Watch our video how to make a magic faucet floating fountain that defies the laws of gravity!
1. Waterproof container or small bucket
2. Small fountain pump
3. Drill
4. Clear plastic tube
5. Small faucet
6. River rocks
7. Water
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  • Any idea why the water shoots out the sides through the holes and doesn’t trickle down the outside of the tube?

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  • Q. Small submersible pump , it's watt power??

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  • Imagine just touch whole of this thing. And you can feel something a plastic stick inside of that magic faucet. And definitely you start getting mad.

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  • I stay in a desert, where will I find so many rocks???? For such an original line you have to see my skits and supscribe.

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    • wait...he is not the real mr.hacker......where is the real mr.hacker ??!!

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  • 'Go to shop and buy one' No need to make because when you made it the water cant come😁

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  • This is awesome!! I saw it many years ago and now I learned how it works. Thanks 😊

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  • Con: if people try to put the fingers in the water, they will notice it's not real water. But anyways, cool idea!

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    • Well no but actually yes

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    • Its real water mate

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