Breaking a bottle with one finger - Is it possible? [Full version of the experiment]

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Hi guys!
Can you break a bottle with one finger? I didn't know up until the moment we try this trick that it's possible! But it's really!
Unbelievable! Do you know why this happens? Write what you think in the comments.
Warning! DO NOT REPEAT any actions from this video! It can be really dangerous!
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  • Well I did come here to learn how to do it

    CitrixCitrix11 päivää sitten
  • Is that how the female's virginity works? Poor bottles. Lol

    The XXVThe XXV8 kuukautta sitten
  • When you pull your finger out you create a vacuum space between the water and the bottom of the bottle so when the water falls down it does that at a speed high enough to brake the bottle... or at least that's what I think brakes the bottle

    Toki87 gamingToki87 gaming9 kuukautta sitten
    • Makes Sense🧐

      Mark Pliej2Mark Pliej2Uukausi sitten
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  • Does it hurt?

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  • Finger.exe has stopped working

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  • Why is the water red?

    ElasticalElasticalVuosi sitten
  • Just push the bottle off a table with one finger....

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  • broke his fingers

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  • Uh use middle finger

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  • It happens because : When he inserts his finger in the some of the water is overspilled and now his finger occupies some volume inside the bottle when he pulls his finger out pressure inside the bottle decreases a lot because pressure and volume are inversly proportional (when he pulls out his finger volume inside the bottle excluding his finger volume increases hence pressure decreases) so now the atmospheric pressure is higher than the pressure in bottle so atmosphere also plays a to break the bottle ( pressure around surroundings always tries to get equalised so atmosphere breaks the bottle in order to equalise the bottles pressure with atmospheric pressure)!!...... Thank you 🙏

    Laalith PedamallaLaalith PedamallaVuosi sitten
    • It all sounds very intresting until someone asked calculate the force with which the mam pulls hi thumb and the net force on the bottom and on thee side also the decrease in overall volume up to 4 significant digits.

      Mohd AmanMohd AmanVuosi sitten
    • Thank you for the clarification....😁😁😁😀😀😊😊😊

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  • Why water is red

    s3ianaas3ianaaVuosi sitten
  • Haja dedo kkkk

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  • What is the principle in this video??

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  • I did try it , and my finger is dislocated now

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    • Ooochhh...😱😱😵😵😨.. Anyway. Nice try seizoiz....💪💪👍👍👏👏👏 Everything has a art behind it......hands off Mr hacker.👏👏👏..

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  • I think the bottle break because you fill it all with a liquid and than when you put your finger and remove it, you suck all the water with you but in the same time, you create a vacuum in the bottle's bottom and because there is no pressur in this vacuum to fight against the atmospherical pressur, the atmospherical pressur is now more powerfull than the one inside the bottle but the glass is not strong enought to resist so it break.

    Gab PeetersGab PeetersVuosi sitten
  • Why the water turns red?

    OwlzzOwlzzVuosi sitten
  • *WARNING* 🤔👎

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  • Nice double-jointed knuckles. Sorta looks like you are breaking your fingers tho.

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  • It's the water in the bottle that breaks the bottom, the slowmo guys demonstrated the other version with the palm hit a few year back. In this principle it'll be the negative pressure created pulling the finger from the bottle combined with the reactive motion of the opposite hand increasing the force at which the water hits the bottom.

    Chris LeonardChris LeonardVuosi sitten
    • Aka cavitation

      Sans.Sans.18 päivää sitten
    • New Generation Albert Einstein Spotted!

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  • After all this fingering I think his fingers are sore🤣🤣

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  • anyone tried?

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  • OMG I think it really hurt :(((

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    • Mee too..

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  • Wastage of water

    Aryan MishraAryan MishraVuosi sitten
    • Hmm...but some amount of water is left in the basin and the bottle...😇 And he can utilize it..and this video is scientific and amazing thing😁... But if he utilities the left water then this video is amazing and awesome.... I think he might used it.....😊

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  • Is the water cold or hot there?

    Кирилл ЧесноковКирилл ЧесноковVuosi sitten
    • @Laalith Pedamalla except carbonated

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    • Кирилл Чесноков it works for any kind of water

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