BIG TEST - All kitchen gadgets for EGGS

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Hi, guys!
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All kitchen gadgets for eggs you can find here:
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  • can you tell that product names

  • Your videos are very useful but don't waste food

  • I like this video~

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  • Good video 👍👌

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  • WARNING: Dont watch it at 3AM.. It will make u hungry for real.. 😭😭😭

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  • Fire

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  • Make video test gadget for watermelon

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  • I want to know what gadget made those green eggs cause I don't want that one. Haha I hate when they happens.

    Charlotte HarbaughCharlotte Harbaugh6 päivää sitten
  • I just got a tiktok ad for an egg recipe.

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  • Is Very dificult

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    • This is egg of dove

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  • You eat raw egg ?? 🤮🤮🤮

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  • Eggcelent

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  • I like that microwave chicken thing

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  • 3:49 this is the one that cut the yolk in half

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  • U used the last gadget in wrong way

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  • What is this egg. An egg is brown, not white lol

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  • I like this series of kitchen items 👌

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  • All these eggs are making me hungry for sweetarts for some reason lol

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  • The Website doesn t work

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  • I can do it better with my hands and some kitchen tools like knife, spoon, chopsticks,

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  • Think you might be obsessed with egg products, how many of these vids have you now?

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  • All gadgets are useless it is better to do the things using a knife. Tnx for the vedio

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  • Legends knows that it is just compilation of previous videos

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  • All of the gadgets , you already shown in other video.

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  • Repeating the same gadgets since ages

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