BIG TEST - 25 Kitchen Gadgets for Vegetables & Fruits (Part #2)

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Hi, guys!
It's the Part #2 of the BIG TEST of 25 Kitchen gadgets for vegetables & Fruits. Here is Part #1:
Write in the comments what gadgets do you like.
Gadgets from the video:
1 (00:00) -
2 (01:31) -
3 (02:14) -
4 (03:08) -
5 (04:11) -
6 (05:02) -
7 (05:39) -
8 (06:21) -
9 (07:48) -
10 (08:25) -
11 (10:31) -
12 (11:06) -
13 (11:37) -
14 (12:05) -
15 (12:21) -
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4) 08:25 - Wide eyes by Alterego
5) 11:14 - Invincible by Orkas

  • Guys on the first gadget does it remind you of a pencil sharpener sharpening a pencil???

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  • I love buying these type of gadgets, I own a few very useful ones

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