BIG TEST - 25 Kitchen Gadgets for Vegetables (Part #1)

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Hi, guys!
It's the Part #1 of the BIG TEST of 25 Kitchen gadgets for vegetables. Write in the comments what gadgets do you like.
Gadgets from the video:
1 (00:04) -
2 (02:51) -
3 (07:24) -
4 (08:27) -
5 (09:54) -
6 (11:06) -
7 (11:54) -
8 (12:33) -
9 (13:29) -
10 (14:02) -
Watch other Awesome gadgets for vegetables and fruits in the next video.

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07:18 - Getaway by Oliver Michael
08:23 - Wide open (No lead vocals) by Aaron Kellim
11:56 - Out of nowhere (Instrumental version) by The Lighthearts

  • i wish i could buy these gadjets

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  • Number 10 italian : pasta

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  • Vegetable file lol

  • Will you actually use these gadgets in your daily life?

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  • 12:18 that gadgets i need to buy one XD

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  • Can't believe you still make videos,you were kinda my childhood lol

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  • For number 9 gadget, you can cutting a grape

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  • 12:07 HEY .... THATS UNFAIR - Gordon Ramsay

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  • You can use the finger protector as ginger peel remover by holding in you thumbnail

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  • Watching #2 was painful. No effortful pushing should be needed, as you should be able simply to slam down the lid quickly to push stubborn items through, as with Nicer Dicer.

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  • 2,4,5,7

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  • 0:15 I like that it is angled downwards, all I have seen are horizontal & everything gets stuck, this seams very smart (& simple, just add an electric engine too).

    SionSionUukausi sitten
  • 3:50 you're using it incorrectly, which is why it is taking so much effort. It should be one swift movement.

    Ankit ShaiAnkit ShaiUukausi sitten
  • Здорово! Классные инструменты!

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  • Wich videoshop app is this

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    • Cuz it's inconvenient to hold, which is still not that safe to use it

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    • I think he means that there were no cons in that gadget, so maybe that's why it says that.

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  • Только один товар из них полезен и которым можно пользоваться 3:06

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  • cons for the scissors are: difficult to clean, fairly ineffective brush, could be a regular pair of scissors and would work as good, should be one big blade rather than many

    GigglyGaysGigglyGaysUukausi sitten
  • Fun fact: Vegetables and Fruits and easy to harvest, eat, peel and cook. So the gadgets are much simple . Moral : Eat vegetables and fruits 😁😁😁

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