15 Amazing Science Experiments

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Hello from Mr. Hacker & Team!
Today you will see 15 amazing science experiments & tricks, magic school projects, color physics experiments & chemical reaction and cool tips & trikcs!
Enjoy! Pleasant viewing!
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1. Battle Scars (All U Gonna Get) - Lil' Loca.mp3
2. Hold Tight (Instrumental Version) - Lvly.mp3
3. Is This Love a Waiting Game (Instrumental Version) - The Big Let Down.mp3
4. Murial - nothanks.mp3
5. One Chance - Marc Torch.mp3
6. Somebody Else (Instrumental Version) - Deanz.mp3
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  • 0:16 My entire life was lie. I didn't really know the purpose of this thing present in vessels

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  • Awesome experiments!!

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  • thanks for showing this to me

  • Last one is like a rainbow and also a black hole

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  • Can someone explain to me why the reactions of the 5:53 and 3:52 minute experiments occur?

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  • Please put next kitchen gadgets

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  • 5:10 this is rainbow water my teacher show a rainbow water that color always be orange fuck this teacher.

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  • Не канал, а красота. Какие вы полезные! Спасибо!

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  • Please make a proper video on color changing

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  • Nice

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  • In experiment two I see a live chemistry lab class

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  • Mr. Hacker I am so love you! 'Мистер Хакер, я так тебя люблю! '해커 씨, 정말 사랑합니다! 'ハッカーさん、私はあなたをとても愛しています!

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  • Nic bro..... all was perfectly preformed..........🙃

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  • Water is so dangerous

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  • chocolat croissant bon apetit

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  • 7:18 35no mavo

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  • This is so cool my teacher makes it boring😒

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  • 9:05 that is because of starch iodine gives blackish blue colour with starch

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  • Superb bro 🐥

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  • Mr. Indian Hacker was inspired from you.. Now u can search where he is now😊

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    • @A Noice boi haha, just see the names And few of old videos At that time, mr hacker Was growing very fast That's why , he made his channel also with the Mr. indian hacker And this all Is Fact

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    • Who told you that mr indian hacker was inspired by him? Don't comment anything

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  • You were a god once, now wth happened to mn??

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  • u from Russia??

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  • More than half of experiments were repeated..

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  • 0:43 They've made the Ukrainian and the Bulgarian flags, maybe without realising.

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  • 9:06 This is because when the bread is dipped in water, kvass remains

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  • Official antidepressant video

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  • Amazing 😀

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  • 4:57 this one really blew my mind

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    • like

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    • @EvilStreamer The Dangerous ik

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    • Same it's a great colour changing thing! It's OP OP OP OP OP OP OP OP OP - OP means overpowered

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  • 2:28 What is that song's name?

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    • Lil loca - battle scars

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  • I like your videos but this music is awful!

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  • Still some shitheads ignore these awesome experiments and watch that idiotic 5 min craft

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  • Anyone please tell about that bread experiment How was it black?

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    • Bread and potato has starch in it which turns blue black in presence of iodine

      Aditya KrishnaAditya Krishna4 kuukautta sitten
    • Well lodine Is attractive to starch and bread has starch which makes it that color

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  • Density!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • 12:09 this experiment is so cool 🤓

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  • It's Amazing Video

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  • walter white: wait till u find out what chemistry can *REALLY* do

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  • The dislikers are those who like Black.

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  • This video makes chemistry so interesting😎, but my teacher makes the chemistry boring 😭

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  • I can't do all these experiments

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  • Amazing

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  • Red cabbage is acid base indicator? Was it even a trick?

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  • The experiment when you had two cups of water and you put bread in one of them and tne other without anything. Then you added Iodine to both of them one didn't change and the other one changed because Iodine is used in the detection of starch and bread contain starch

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    • Ooooo wow ur really smart smarter than me anyway

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