13 Awesome Balloon Tricks

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Hello from Mr. Hacker & Team!
In this video you will see 13 very cool balloon tricks and tips you should know!
Have a fun time and have a nice day!
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  • Great. Here's a good share about bubbles

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  • What a ghatiya

    Neeta BishtNeeta Bisht3 kuukautta sitten
  • What a ghatiya

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  • In india road side sellers sell this type of ballons 7:30

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  • Wow

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  • Who all thought the first guy was john from vat19

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  • I love you mr hacker you are amazing

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  • omg I can't believe that

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  • People in 1920- There will be flying cars in 2020 People in 2020- Trying to fit a balloon in a glass vase

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  • 2:07 LIE

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    • Not lie

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  • 🤼‍♀️

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  • Wow

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  • When you go to the restroom to urinate but your body is in the wrong direction: You: takes out balloon from the balloon box and makes it right

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  • When i see the tonometer, Me: mom can i have the broken tonometer?

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  • Чертяка, хорош! Подписался)))

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  • Who have globophobia ? (I'm french)

    Reine_26Reine_269 kuukautta sitten
    • @MDSB HMB it's a phobia for balloon

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    • What's globophobia?

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  • 7:50 go f..k it

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  • 3:42 did u see bubble expressions ?? 🤣

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    • 🤣🖕

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  • Nice Experiment Mr hacker

  • ثثق ككك زا رررررررررررررر ،، حي مم ضصككى ددا ابحخ؟ زززز،،،ًٍ كك؟؟؟؟؟؟

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    • ما فهمت شي

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  • 6:47 Son: MOM WHERE IS THE TOOTHPASTE!!! Mom: i used it all for making a stressball! After: Husband: love, where is my shaving foam? Her: oh, i used it all for my new stressball. P. S. This video shows how to waste money for making useless things.

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    • Ok

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    • @Tiger Gaming calm down, I'm not a person who likes to argue, it's ok.

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    • look i dont wont problems so am sorry

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    • @Tiger Gaming "r/woosh" Is a sub Reddit for people who post other people who don't get a f joke.

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    • What

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  • 7:55 i think i know the main function😏😏😏

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  • При создании видео пострадало очень много воздушных шариков!

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  • Very nice😃

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  • 5:10 ага, знаем-знаем)))

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    • English

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  • i would never try one so hard NEVER 😑😑 L

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  • 7:55 Yo te conozco uwu

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  • Punda

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  • Wao

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  • Love from Cambodia

  • भाई सुना हूँ आईना पानी से बनता है एक वीडियो बनाओ इसपर कैसे बनता है जो

  • This is so awesome 👏

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  • Glad to know that you're still making videos and today

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  • *When I see a beautiful girl: **2:56*

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    • Hey shut up

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    • @I have a cool checkmark? nexe?!?!

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    • XDD

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    • 7:|

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  • 7:30 Lol cant believe he's using a condom as a balloon hahahaha

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    • It's a clear balloon

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    • 😂

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  • Вы русские?

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  • 7:43 whatt

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  • old tricks

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  • Привет

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  • I think this guy worked as a clown. Or Balloons are paid actors?

    A guy named Aswin On YouTube.A guy named Aswin On YouTube.Vuosi sitten
    • @Sid the Kid :)

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    • Lol

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  • Without soap it is working

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  • 2:47 you know what I mean

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  • Why I am always afraid of balloon exploding?

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    • Because you are still a potato

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  • fack tricks

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  • Where is our old mr. Hacker

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  • Being hot anything should be erect😂😂😂2:53

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  • 7:51 ok what is that a toy? Not for children?

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  • Like from kerala,INDIA ..കമന്റ് തൊഴിലാളി കീ.... 6399

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    • Vanakkam cheta

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  • Super

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  • make more videos

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  • That with the Lighbulb wouldn't i try at home. It could be get on fire.

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  • Awesome 🤩👌

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  • That apple ballon he made is very useful

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  • B{oooooooobs

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    • Whose?

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  • Now I know I'm not the only one who scare from balloon exploiting.

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  • 2nd method ,saw as putting boiled egg into glass bottle. Thanks bro

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