10 Plastic Bottle Tricks you will be surprised

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Hi there! And welcome back to my channel.
Today I will show you 10 amazing tricks, ideas & experiments with plastic bottles.
Have a fun time and have a nice day!
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  • Note: No plastic was harmed while making this vedio. :-)

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  • 1:04 Put a bottle within your upper and lower thigh. Push it with your upper thigh Aim the bottle for a target And open the bottle cap by spinning it fastly with your thumb And boom, it shoots like a cannon (like in the video)

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  • Him 20 years later: 10 Nuclear Bomb Tricks You will be Surprised!

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  • i know the 2nd experiment we used to do in classes after every weekend and last day of schools it will be soo awesome that was soo entertaining

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  • On today's episode of "Mr.Hacker" he shows us how to make a plasma cannon from a plastic bottle, stay tuned for next tim e, as well never know what else he will make

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    • Next day he will make an Hydrogen Bomb from an Potato.

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  • 00:03 SWAT TEAM: Excellent, Mr. Hacker. Get me one.

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  • Me: looks at these tricks and say. “Don’t cite me the secrets of deep Magic witch, I was there when it was written”

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