10 Crazy Ice Experiments & Tricks

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Hello from Mr. Hacker & Team!
Today you will see 10 amazing science experiments & tricks with ice. And also you will see how to make hot ice at home.
Enjoy! Pleasant viewing!
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  • Dads watching this be like: 10 “cool” ice tricks....GET IT

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  • Which type of vinegar and baking soda are you using.

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  • Omg wow

  • 8:30 8:37 that one best

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  • Hello my friends, I tried the experiment of the mixture of baking soda with vinegar, I made all steps, but unfortunately when I started to warm up the mixture, it didnt dissolved and I couldnt make ice with these mixture and all procedures. Can someone help me? Thanks.

    Saunders CatalaSaunders Catala4 päivää sitten
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  • Has anyone tried these to see if they really work

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  • I tried putting my mouth of salt and ice and that was insanely painful

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  • 1:46 Whats ingredients?

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  • Respected sir / Madam I want to show your this video to my students in my you tube channel without any change or tampering. if you give me a permission then I will use this video in my FIboth channel for the benefit of the students. Thank you Dr. DEBAJIIT

  • Hello can someone tell me what is the name of the experiments of ice with salt and silk?? Because this phenomenon has a name that ice gets glue to the silk. Thanks

    Saunders CatalaSaunders CatalaUukausi sitten
  • Crystallization

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  • thats not salt that is some chemical

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  • 8:26 when elsa step on the water

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  • For the instant ice one.. imagine drinking the water and it freezing as it goes downt the throat

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  • Juice to ice cream with just 2 pouches, ice, salt and (I wonder what that paper is...)? That's like making a cake from ice cream by just adding wheat flour and baking it!

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  • 4:09 snow cone trucks will take this video down as soon as possible XD

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  • here in canada, it gets cold enough in our cars that if you leave a bottle of water in the car for a while in the morning, it'll do that insta-freez thing when you hit it. it's actually really cool (no pun intended)

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  • Wow!!!!!!! Amazing

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  • I am 14 years old girl and I love Science so I came here to checkout some experiments. Everyone in school call me Crazy Scientist

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  • The one i like is the ice cream and breaking the ice

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  • 4:09 Ismy favorite!

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  • So the first experiment, uhh, what would happen if instead of string i used my tongue

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  • For the instant ice, do you use a refrigerator or a freezer? (freezer for ice, meat, etc.) (refrigerator for vegetables, left overs, milk, soda, etc.)

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  • Who is planning for getting scoldings from Mom 😆

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  • This experiment reminds me elsa from frozen and frozen 2😂😂

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  • Nothing happened when I tried 🙄

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  • Sorry to break it to you but your not hackerman I can make instant ice I just put water in the fridge and then pour water

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  • if you stick your hands to the ice and salt it melts your skin

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  • Great video, we subscribed to your channel after watching this video. We will try some of your experiments with kids :)) We are youtubers as well and would like to make a video with an ice experiment. Thank you for making this video. It's a great one!!!

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  • I just want some science experiment with like in Arabic -استنتاج or lik with the results and what can we learn from it I need taht for school pls reply if any help

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  • 4:31 making ice cream?

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  • Does these experiences are done in warm water ??

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